• Duration of program from 3 months to 1 year.
  • Selection of the internees – Will be done through Tele/ in person preliminary interview.
  • For a daily duration of 5 hrs/ 8 hrs per day for a month, the internship fee will be discussed with Internship
    coordinator respectively in TN/ other states.
  • The senior internship can be done in any of our centres (17 Centres in different locations of the country)
  • The candidate is eligible for the completion certificate at end of the program after an evaluation by the
  • During the internship, the internee will be allowed to observe and assist in consultation, therapy, rehab,
    fitness and sports training.
  • The internee may not be able to attend the internal training meetings or any other workshop conducted by
    the company. Internal training meetings and workshops are not a part of the internship program.
  • Senior Intern discount of 20% can be availed for all the Workshops conducted. This is subjected to the
    availability of the seats.
  • Attendance will be marked at the respective centre and absence for the day or leave information to be
    mailed to
  • Senior internship does not assure recruitment or job placements in the company.
    Outstanding performance during the internship could earn an opportunity for a job interview in the
  • Observatory Tele Internship for Teleservices can be done separately. It includes training in all the
    Teleservices – Consultation, Therapy, Rehab, Fitness, Neuro Rehab, etc. This internship can be done
    from anywhere and is not restricted only to the locations of our branches

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Balance your SLEEP & STRESS January 2020

Learn to Balance between Sleep and Stress for optimal health. Hear Doc Kannan Pugazhendi talk about Growth Hormones and Cortisol and their effects on our bodies in a talk at SPARRC Alwarpet on Thursday 30th January, 2020 between 10 am and 12 noon.

For more details, contact our helpline number at +91 965 965 0000 or your nearest SPARRC centre.

Laughter Therapy January 2020

Laughter is the best medicine. Come laugh out loud with no holds barred at SPARRC Laughter Therapy Sessions to be held at our various centres in January 2020.

Alwarpet Jan 21st – 6.30 am to 7.30
Besant Nagar Jan 22nd – 11 am to 12 noon
ECR Jan 23rd – 11am to 12noon
Ashok Nagar Jan 24th – 11am to 12 noon
Chrompet Jan 27th – 11am to 12 noon
Anna Nagar Jan 28th – 11am to 12 noon
Mount Road Jan 11th – 10am to 11am
Velachery Jan 10th – 8 am to 9 am

For more details, contact our helpline number at +91 965 965 0000 or your nearest SPARRC centre.

Dec 2019

Fitness Mela is ongoing at SPARRC now. Sign up either to 

  • Lose 3 Kgs, or
  • Improve your posture, or
  • Improve your flexibility and Balance

and get a 15 days FREE TRIAL. 

Call +91 965 965 0000 or your nearest SPARRC centre for more details.